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Under 10 East (Sat)
CN Under 10
Under 10 West (Sat)
Under 10 West (Sun)
Under 11 (Sun)
Under 12 West
Under 13 East
Under 12 East
Under 14 East
Under 11 West (Sat)
Under 11 East (Sat)
Under 14 West
Under 13 Perth Scorchers Girls League
Under 11 Perth Scorchers Girls League
Under 13s West
Under 16s/17s East
Under 16s/17s West
CN u/10s (SUN)
Under 11s West (Sun)
1 00000001000000000000
2 00000000000000000010
3 00010000000000000000
4 10000001000000000000
5 00000000100000000000
6 Cottier, Andrew CBedford Junior Cricket Club00000000100000000000
7 Howes, Zach WBedford Junior Cricket Club00000000100000000000
8 Heal, BillyBedford Junior Cricket Club00000000100000000000
9 McEwan, ConnorBassendean Junior Cricket Club00000000100000000000
10 Clayton, Louis CSubiaco Marist Cricket Club00000000000100000000
11 Cooper, Seville LClaremont Nedlands Junior Cricket Club00000000000200000000
12 Kaczmarczyk, AlexBedford Junior Cricket Club00000000100000000000
13 Kaczmarczyk, RyanBedford Junior Cricket Club00000000100000000000
14 Lavender, Ashton MScarborough Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000000
15 Sculthorpe, GeorgeSubiaco Marist Cricket Club00000000000100000000
16 Wright, TomClaremont Nedlands Junior Cricket Club00000000000100000000
17 Carson, RhysBassendean Junior Cricket Club00000000100000000000
18 Macleod, RoryScarborough Junior Cricket Club00000000000100000000
19 Cutler, William PBedford Junior Cricket Club00000000100000000000
20 Sheth, Dev MScarborough Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000000
21 Griffin, JoshuaClaremont Nedlands Junior Cricket Club00000000000200000000
22 Brady, ReubenClaremont Nedlands Junior Cricket Club00000000000100000000
23 Rees, Damon CClaremont Nedlands Junior Cricket Club00000000000100000000
24 Gleeson, DanielLeederville Mt Hawthorn Junior Cricket Club00000000100000000000
25 Yiannakis, AlexioCoolbinia-West Perth Junior Cricket Club00000000200000000000
26 Le Dain, ThomasBedford Junior Cricket Club00000020000000000000
27 Crock, MatthewWembley Districts Junior Cricket Club00000000000100000000
28 Hacker, FinleySubiaco Marist Cricket Club00000000000100000000
29 Borgas, BenjaminSubiaco Marist Cricket Club00000000000100000000
30 Cilemanoff, StefanCoolbinia-West Perth Junior Cricket Club00000000200000000000
31 Flaherty, BenScarborough Junior Cricket Club00000000000000100000
32 Allen, JackWembley Districts Junior Cricket Club00000000000100000000
33 Bowman, CameronScarborough Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000000
34 Broun, DamonScarborough Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000000
35 Singleton, WillMt Lawley-Inglewood Cricket Club00000010000000000000
36 Day, NicholasLeederville Mt Hawthorn Junior Cricket Club00000010000000000000
37 Knapton, JamesLeederville Mt Hawthorn Junior Cricket Club00000000100000000000
38 Ladyman, ZaidenCoolbinia-West Perth Junior Cricket Club00000000200000000000
39 Siciliano, NicholasWembley Districts Junior Cricket Club00000000000200000000
40 King, TravisClaremont Nedlands Junior Cricket Club00000000000200000000
41 Bloxham, AngusBedford Junior Cricket Club00000000100000000000
42 Baptist, AngusBassendean Junior Cricket Club00000000100000000000
43 Sharma, KaranBassendean Junior Cricket Club00000020000000000000
44 Lubich, JackWembley Districts Junior Cricket Club00000000000100000000
45 Purvis, SpencerBassendean Junior Cricket Club00000000100000000000
46 Strickland, ZacSubiaco Marist Cricket Club00000000000000200000
47 Daly, AlexanderWembley Districts Junior Cricket Club00000000000200000000
48 Gaspar, JosephWembley Districts Junior Cricket Club00000000000100000000
49 Keane, GeorgeWembley Districts Junior Cricket Club00000000000100000000
50 Mitchell, JamesClaremont Nedlands Junior Cricket Club00000000000100000000
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Total Records: 1597   Page: 1 of 32   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next


Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.